“Not doing because of your fear to fail is the failure in of itself.”

On December 9th 2020, Starship SN8 “successfully ascended, transitioned propellant, and performed its landing flip maneuver with precise flap control to reach its landing point. Low pressure in the fuel header tank during the landing burn…

How to (scientifically) make bread.

Bread. Simple, yet so complex.

Bread has always fascinated me from a young age. My mom would often prepare our homemade pizza dough hours in advance. I’m still in awe after I see her creation double in size. To curb my restless impatience, my mom…

Preventing muscle atrophy through the activation and upregulation of the mTORC1 protein with amino acids.

Astronaut health is one of the biggest barriers when it comes to space travel. In order to reach sustainable interplanetary travel, we need to keep astronaut health a priority, and find a feasible solution to protein degradation in space.

Human’s just aren’t built for space

But this doesn’t diminish our…

The applications of Nanosensors and Nanofabrication process

Nanotechnology. Woah. A big, well, an intimidating word. To fully grasp the vastness of this word and what it actually means, lets first decompose it.

The term “nano” is derived from the Greek word nanos meaning dwarf. So, its safe to assume…


physics student @uoftoronto

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